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Film Info
Title: Sixteen Candles
Tagline #1: "It's the time of your life that may last a lifetime."
Tagline #2: "Turning sixteen isn't easy, when you've fallen in love...for the first time."
Written and Directed by: John Hughes
Studio: Universal City Studios, Inc.
Released: 1984
MPAA Rating: PG
Other Certification/ratings: Finland K-12 / Sweeden BTL
Run Time: 93 Minutes (1 Hour 33 Minutes)
Original Audio: Mono
Video: Color
Original Aspect Ratio: 1.85:1 (35mm)
Earnings: $20.5 Million Gross (US)
Formats Available:

VHS (US/NTSC) 1992 MCA Home Video 1-55880-985-6 0 9689-80076-3 4 80076 4x3 (Pan/Scan) HIFI (mono)
DVD (US/Region One/NTSC) May 6, 1998 Image Entertainment none listed 0 14381-4270-2 8 ID4270 USDVD 1.85:1 (Letterbox) Dolby Digital Mono
Laserdisc (US/NTSC/Extended Play) 1984 MCA Home Video none listed 0 9689-40076-6 9 40076 1.33:1 (Pan and Scan) HIFI (mono)

US Distribution Contact Info:
Image Entertainment, Inc.; 9333 Oso Avenue, Chatsworth, CA 91311
MCA Home Video, Inc.; 70 Universal City Plaza, Universal City, CA 91608

Theatre Release Dates
USA -- 4 May 1984
Sweden -- 26 October 1984
Finland -- 21 December 1984

Awards and Nominations
Casting Society of America, USA
1985NominatedArtiosBest Casting for Feature Film
Jackie Burch

Young Artist Awards
1985WonYoung Artist AwardBest Young Actor in a Motion Picture - Musical, Comedy, Adventure or Drama
Anthony Michael Hall

Best Young Actress in a Motion Picture - Musical, Comedy, Adventure or Drama
Molly Ringwald


Did You Ever Notice?

Goof #1: In the scene where everyone is pilling in the car to go to the wedding Billie Bird gets in the car then gets out to let the other grandmother in, but instead of getting back in the car she bends over trying to hide behind the car. The car door closes and starts to back out of the driveway without her. The shot cuts away to a shot of Long Duk Dong lying on the grass just before she really becomes visible. When they notice Dong and everyone gets out of the car she is magically in the car again.
Goof #2: Jake Ryan lends Ted his father's Rolls Royce because Jake's Porsche is a stick and Ted can't drive a stick. At the end of the wedding scene when Jake is pulling away from the church, the Porsche he's driving is an automatic.

Did You Know?

#1: There are four different versions of this film? The TV, DVD, laserdisc, and VHS versions are all different. And if that wasn't enough... The tv edited version contains two short scenes not originally in the film. The DVD contains two short shots which are not in any other version.
#2: In the VHS, DVD and LD versions, Anthony Michael-Hall is credited as "The Geek." In the TV movie and film versions, he is credited as "Farmer Ted."
#3: The license plate on Jake's Porsche says "21850" which is director John Hughes' birthday (2/18/50).
#4: Jim Carrey auditioned for the role of Ted "The Geek."


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