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Baker, Dorothy - Samantha's grandfather on her father's side. Married to Grandma Baker.

Baker, Ginny - Samantha's older sister. She the one getting married.

Baker, Howard - Samantha's grandmother on her father's side. Married to Grandpa Baker.

Baker, Jim - Samantha's father. Thinks Mike is a dork.

Baker, Mike - Samantha's brother. He likes loud rock music and Top Cat. He's also a smart-ass and a dork.

Baker, Samantha - The main character in the film played by Molly Ringwald. Her best friend is Randy and she's in love with Jake Ryan.

Baker, Sara - Samantha's younger sister. She thinks Sam's gonna marry Mr. T.

Bryce - Geek that hangs out with Cliff and follows Farmer Ted's orders. Played by John Cusack.

Burch, Jackie - Casting Director for Sixteen Candles.

Byrne, Bobby - Cinematographer for Sixteen Candles.

Cliff - Geek that hangs out with Bryce and follows Farmer Ted's orders.

Corso, John W. - Production Designer for Sixteen Candles.

Dong, Long Duk - The weird chinese guy in Mike's room. He's a foreign exchange student staying with Grandma and Grandpa Baker. He loves pushing the lawn mowing machine.

Farmer Ted - Also know as The Geek, he is the King Of The Dipshits. Borrowed Sam's underwear and charged kids a buck to see them. Played by Anthony Michael Hall.

The Geek - see Farmer Ted.

Green, Hilton A. - Producer for Sixteen Candles.

Hughes, John - Writer and director of Sixteen Candles.

Manning, Michelle - Associate Producer for Sixteen Candles.

Mulford, Carolyn - Jake Ryan's girlfriend. She hooked up with Farmer Ted. Played by Haviland Morris.

Newborn, Ira - Wrote the original score for Sixteen Candles.

New Faces Dance - The dance that Samantha "had" to go to.

Randy - Samantha's best friend. Might be dating Jimmy Montrose.

Reverand - Married Ginny and Rudy. Played by Brian Doyle-Murray.

Rizcheck, Rudy - The oily bo-hunk who marries Ginny. Played by John Kapelos.

Ryan, Jake - The guy who Samantha wants. His girlfriend is Carolyn. Played by Michael Schoeffling.

Shermer High School - The high school where everything Hughes takes place.

Tanen, Ned - Executive Producer for Sixteen Candles.

Traci - Carolyn's friend. She cuts Carolyn's hair with a big-ass pair of scissors at the party.

Warschilka, Edward - Film Editor for Sixteen Candles.

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