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Summary for those strange people who don't know what this movie is all about

Samantha Baker is a high school teenager who has a birthday. Unfortunatly for her, her sister's wedding is the day AFTER her birthday. Everyone (including her grandparents) forgets all about her birthday.
Ted "the Farmer", is a geek who really digs Sam. Sam doesn't dig Ted, but gives him her panties anyway. Sam loves Jake Ryan who just found out how she feels. Jake already has a girlfriend named Carolyn. She's kind of a bitch and Jake's kind of sick of it. He kinda digs Sam, but Sam doesn't know yet.
There's a dance and then a party at Jake's afterwards.
Jake saves Ted's life and Ted talks the whole thing over with Jake. Jake agrees to let Ted take Carolyn, who is passed out, home in his dad's Rolls Royce. This excited Ted a lot even though she's missing a large chunk of her hair thanks to Tracy. Ted doesn't drive very well. No matter... that's not important. Jake goes looking for Sam and eventually finds her (along with Ted and Carolyn) at the church after Sam's sister's wedding. Jake takes Sam back to his place and gives her a birthday cake and her panties back. What a guy! They kiss.
The End.
By the way... There's a weird chinese guy named after a duck's dork up in Mike's room.

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