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FROM: Jim (20/4-97)
I just wanted to write and say congratulations on your CAN'T BUY ME LOVE page. I was shocked to find it and glad to see that I was not the only person who loved it as much as I do.

I first saw it on the first show of opening day back in July or August of 1987 and it has been one of my favorite films ever since. It is simply the most realistic film made about high school life in the 1980's. Every time I see it I feel I am watching a documentary of my high school. While I wasn't a Ronald and I didn't hang in Cindy's crowd, I knew everyone in this film.

If you are looking for something to add to your site, I came across a very negative review of the film by Roger Ebert (he never even bothered to review CBML on his TV show but I found his Chicago Sun Times review). It is very funny in that he is so wrong about the film, claiming that the totally unrealistic film LUCAS is a better and more accurate example of teen life.

Thanks for your site.


FROM: Theresa (20/4-97)
I LOVE your web page! Can't buy me love is one of my favorite movies. I teach junior and senior speech communications and I showed the movie to my students. I think it gives an important message. Plus, it's downright funny. I cry when Ronald gets ostarized from the group. Again, I love your page.
FROM: Rachel (3/4-97)
I happened on your page in a desperate quest to find some info on the net about my favorite movie, "Can't Buy Me Love." You see, when I first saw this movie I fell in love with everything about it-and it became my dream-no, my quest, to become Cindy Mancini. My dream car is still a Volkswagon Cabriolet, and I'd probably prefer it to my parents' Mercedes. Even with her crimped blonde hair, Cindy is the coolest thing that ever happened to Tucson or high school or Generation X. I loved how both Cindy and Ronald matured and changed throughout the movie-and most especially I loved that Can't Buy Me Love was the most accurate depiction of high school that I've ever seen on tv or in the movies. There are cliques-the cools, the nerds, and everyone in between. I was a cool-and this isn't bragging to anyone who's seen the movie. To be cool, all you need is to be shallow and concerned about things like gossip, hair, make-up, and that awesome suede outfit your mother never let you wear. Can't Buy Me Love is one of the bravest movies I've ever seen-all the others (Beverly Hills 90210, Party of Five, etc...) try to make high school seem like a fun and easy place-everyone's beautiful and popular, and those popular kids are totally nice to everyone else-even the dregs. Come on, who believes that? We've all been through high school-I cringe when I remember some nasty comments that I made to some of the "nerds" in our school. Nerds... Isn't that ridiculous? We have terminology to denote coolness? It honestly makes me sick. Well, listening to me ramble! My point was thanks for making a great page. I was so happy to know that I'm not the only one who loves this movie-your page is fantastic!
Keep up the good work.

FROM: Steve (16/3-97)
Has anybody else noticed that the hit film "pretty women" is an exact ripoff of CBML. Guy needs a girl(true there are different moives...) girl is in trouble. guy offers to bail out girl. deal is struck. love blooms. deal is over. major fight. romantic ending.
I was very mad when I walked out of pretty woman. I felt cheated. I mean cbml was so much better. Even the lead actress was better looking.
Let's see Mr. Gere try to do the African Anteater dance.
FROM: Nina (Australia)(23/2-97)
I revere the movie "Can't Buy Me Love" as one of the best comedy's of all time. I loved it some much that I bought it on video, I still watch it frequently. Amanda Peterson displays a superb performance, I love the way her character gradually changes after she make the deal with Ronnie.
The songs were great, especially the theme song written by "The Beatles" My favorite characters include Cindy Mancinc, Ronald, Pat's, Barb and John.
I loved it how Ronald stood up for his friend at the cafateria, it was a really powerful scence.
In my opinion, "Can't Buy Me Love" is the greatest movie of all time.
FROM:Sherrie (23/1-97)
Hey great site!
I have been in love with this movie since the first time i watched it! I must say i like the way Cindy turns Ron around...or should i say that the other way. Because when it comes down to the nitty gritty its not Ron that gets turned around at all! Oh of course he becomes popular and better liked...but isn't Cindy the girl that gets the real lesson of life here! That looks and popularity are only skin deep! Love comes from the heart something far better then what she had before...and just imagine, not a cent to get it.....you really can't BUY LOVE! This movie is great as is your site! I'll be back!
From Sherrie

FROM: LDickey222 (15/1-97)
Of course the riding off into the sunset at the end is classic & its especially romantic that they two main chahracters do not share their first real kiss till the end of the film.
I am ape (you know what) over the poem. The airplane grave yard scene & checking out the moon through the periscope which inspires Cindy Maancinni to write the poem "Broken Moon" which the audience never got to her thanks to Ron's lidio.
That's it "Can't buy me love" is one of my all time favorite movies. I do not know there's just something about a love story set in the desert.
Thanks dude
FROM: Lori (12/1-97)
Hey loved your "Can't Buy Me Love" page...I thought I was the only person in the universe who remembered and loved that movie :) Keep up the good work oh fellow child of the 80's.
FROM: FRANCES (12/1-97)
Hello, I like your "Can`t buy me love" page a lot. I never thought that I should find anything like this, It`s great!!!! I have watched the film 5555442362 times and I never get tired of it. The scene I like most is that one when the geeks come to the school dance and the cool one`s says - The neerds!!!!! and they just sits down. Maybe not so good explanation, but you who have seen the movie lots of times may understand.
LOVE "Frances"
FROM: Mistress (5/1-97)
I started watching Can't Buy Me Love when I was in 4th grade. I'm now in 9th grade. I watch it at least 3 times a week. I'm sorry to say that I don't own it yet. I fell in love with the movie the first time I saw it.
I even lost my virginity while watching it, so it has some special meaning to me. I love your page. I never thought I would find a page dedicated to nothing but "Can't Buy Me Love". If you don't mind suggestions, I think you should but in some sound bits, just to make the page a little more fun. Keep up the good work!!!!!
FROM: George (1/1-97)
With me it began long ago towards the end of the 80's when it first came out on video. One hot and sweaty summer night I stood inside the local video store with nothing catching my fancy when I noticed at the end of the shelf 2 copis of Can't Buy Me Love.(Only 2 copies,this did'nt look promising). I had a vague recollection of a preview I recently saw on a tape I had hired.Half hearted I took the gamble and fell imediately in love with the film. So much in fact that I taped and watched it everynight for the following 2 weeks.

I love the way at the begining of the film Cindy Mancini is everything Ronald Miller would later become. She's very jugemental (seeing Ronald only as a geeky lowly lawn boy) and shallow. Her world revolves around fashion and being in the click. She barely sees past her nose and the love she shares with Bobby is only skin deep. As she later explains to Ronnie "being cool is hard work" and she works hard at it. Only through the power of being brought together with Ronald, she discovers that he is actually a real person as opposed to the the two dimensional pals of the elite cool click. Unlike her precious Bobby who hardly ever calls and gives her no mention on his TV interview, Ronald is very supportive of Cindys poetic aspirations. He explains that she can achieve anything providing she believes hard enough and has confidence in herself. Something she is obviously lacking since Ronnie is the only person that is aware of her poetry. Slowly she discovers that Ronald is not the useless geek she first thought. Instead he is this deep complex human being who is in touch with himself and the universe around him. Ths is illustrated beautifully in the helicopter scene where they gaze into the heavens while Ronnie recites the awe and mystery of the manned moom missions. We can see Ronald's character deepening as opposed to the cardboard cut out 2 dimensional wanna be football hero Bobby.(Ironically Bobby is shown as a cardboard cut out at the begining of the film). This is the first time Cindy Mancini is falling in love with a real person and not the myth that is Bobby. Just like later all her girlfriends fall for the myth that becomes Ronnald Miller.

Then comes the turn around. While Ronald falls prey to the 2 dimensionel clutches of fame and popularity, Cindy starts coming out of her Cool Click Coma. She starts seeing things through different eyes. Cindy is almost repulsed at the people she once called her friends. What makes it even worse is that when she now looks at Ronnie she's really looking into a mirror. (It's like "hey Cindy this used to be you!"). Cindy begins to come to terms with reality and admits to Barb and Patty that she really dosen't have Bobby. She's disgusted at the way her friends throw themselves at Ronald. Cindy's love for Ronnie was real unlike her friends who have fallen for the myth Cindy has helped to create. "That stupid dance...what a bunch of followers " she cries astonished at the stupidity of her pals. Cindy even finds her new college friend obnoxious and a little hard to stomach. Cindy has finally grown up. All she has to do is wait for Ronald to do so.....

Well here I'am many years later down the line. Now a record producer with a huge "Can't Buy Me Love" poster on my Studio wall next to my framed CD's. (Practically had to beg the video store assistant to give me the poster.He wanted to leave it hanging on the wall a bit longer but saw how desperate I was and gave it to me).
I occasionlly play the film in the studio while we work. I get many singers and engineers asking me to put it on again and again every time we do a session.

Like many others I fell in love with this film and Amanda Peterson along with it. Like one of your many letters read, this film reminds me of my youth it reminds me of better days. To this day the feeling I get when I watch "Can't But Me Love" is the feeling you get when your at the beach and you watch the sun set into the horizon and the cool ocean breeze seems to filter through your soul when you take a huge breathe. I could go on forever about this great film but I won't. Maybe one day when I'm not too busy I might feel inspired to write and release a song dedicated to the movie and Amanda Peterson. This is possible but time is the only factor.

FROM: Marcela (28/12-96)
Can't Buy Me Love is one of the best movies I've ever seen! It's so cool,and Ronald is so funny!The first time I saw this movie I loved,and then I didn't stop to see it anymore!It's so great!!! I live in Brazil and I've never thought I could find a Can't Buy Me Love page here! I'm so happy,because this is one of my favorie movies! Thanks a lot!I'm so glad!
From: Lonewolf Delcoso (28/12-96)
Yes I have a soft heart and I love the romance of this movie.. I was in the summer before my junior year of high school before I saw this movie... Yes I was one of those guys that fell in love with Cindy Mancini....because of this movie I did become a great fan of Amanda Petersons and I followed up on her work.... Anyway I want to thank you for putting your time into this website.. It is long overdue...
FROM: Damien (28/12-96)
Well here I am just having seen "Can't Buy Me Love" for the what millionth time and still seem to fall in love with the movie. That movie for me was living the '80's and just feeling very sentimental about Donald oooops Ronald and Cindy. I only wish there was a sequel to it or a reunion special on tv....I want to find out what happened to them.*L* Well I certainly fell in love with Amanda Peterson and only wish she was in more movies because she made me fall for her just like Ronald. And her friends!!!!! My god...why haven't I been able to find them on the net!!
Not even pics....well I am very glad to have a page dedicated to my fave movie of all time.... Thank you very much...and OH!! I had been looking for the movie to record or buy and couldn't find it for the longest time till I went into this store called Suncoast Pictures and saw it on sale for $7.99 and do you actually think I let it slip through my fingers???? Hell no! I bought it.... To enjoy everyday forever. Thank you...

FROM: Saw It In 87 (28/12-96)
Wow, I thought I was the only person who actually liked this movie. After seeing it the other day on TV I tried an internet search and here I am. I actually saw this movie in the theater back in 1987 and didn't see it again for quite some time. I figured that the girl who played Cindy was probably 19, 20 maybe even older, but she was just a kid! What an actress! Well anyways, doing an internet search for her name brought up some of her other movies (3 of which I rented and saw) I was pretty disappointed, I saw one really bad B scifi movie from 1989 where she plays some damsel in distress. Funny (and sad), but as bad as her lines were, she still runs away with every scene she's in. Then I saw her most recent movie (1995) Windrunner or something like that she plays a high school kid (she still looks young for 24!), but again it is a tiny little role that doesn't do her any justice. Amazing, Hollywood is so full of beautiful, lousy actresses who keep getting important roles in "big" movies, well here's one with some real talent who doesn't seem to get any more good parts! If someone would wake up and put her in a good role, she could really shine. Well, so long--just the thoughts of someone who saw a really good actress back in 87 and had her pegged as a really big star--but maybe it's not too late.
FROM: J. (16/12-96)
Well just like you "Can't Buy Me Love" is one of my all-time fav. movies. You have probably heard this thousands of times but I really did see it just the other night on the Disney Channel and it had been a long time since I had seen it so I got curious and starting looking for Amanda Peterson links and found yours which you did an excellent job on. My fav part of the show is when Cindy reads Ronald her poem I guess its becasue you can start to see that she is realling falling for him.
I think that it was one of the coolest shows ever made and I could never get tirred of watching it. I guess Im just a romantic at heart like you. Well gotta go for now Bye Bye By the way if you know of any other pics of Amanda Peterson please inform. She is a total BABE
FROM: A regular Joe (13/12-96)
What is it about this silly movie that moves me to write to a total stranger about it?

I will tell you why.....

This Amanda person has reached deep into my soul and struck a note that
I forgot was there. I saw her and heard her and felt an innocent love that
I thought did not exist within me anymore

Her smile, her voice. She took me back to an innocent place in my heart, where
The days lasted longer than a day. When the summer lasted for a year. When the
sky was an electric blue. When my heart was filled with simple pleasures and
endless, impossible dreams.

The story she played in was one that most any guy could relate to. Any Nerd, Geek,
or Nobody to have the prettiest cheerleader fall for him. We all can place
ourselves in the leading man role. With a few twist and changes to the story line, we
all could be that odd man out buying his way "in".

Well, you asked for it, you got it.
I hope that I did not make yall laugh with my blathering.

FROM: Carina (26/11-96)
i've seen Can't Buy Me Love about a thousand times! it is so great!!!
i like Quint the best!
he is so cool, and the way he makes friends with Kenneth...it is so cool!

FROM: Sara (25/11-96)
Can't buy me love is the best movie in the world! I have been looking all over for it so that I can watch it every day but I can't seem to be able to find it. I have watched it at least 20 times and it never gets boring!
Ronald Rules!

FROM: Tom (24/11-96)
Okay, so much for being original. The net is incredible! No matter what I type in there is always something about it listed on the net. Saw the movie today for the second time. It is a romantic comedy. I enjoyed it because is wasn't stuffy, just a little corny in some parts. Amanda is also quite attractive and the actors play their parts well.You should look into listing the responces which others have wrote in.I think everyone would be interested in each others opinions. I was also amazed that Amanda also starred in another movie which I enjoyed but could never remember the title. It was "Listen To Me"
Best Regards,
FROM:Lisa (24/11-96)
Just watched the film. Forgot how good/entertaining it was - reminds me of the "good old days" in the 1980s - seemed like people had more fun then. Patrick Dempsey is especially endearing in this film - makes you want to kiss him!
FROM: Tom (24/11-96)
We just saw the movie for the 595995959595 time and we're thinking spring break road trip to LA to meet her. Do u know where she is these days????? Even though it was 2:00 in the morn and a couple cases, I think it still sounds like an interesting road trip...
any help would be great..
FROM: Anna (24/11-96)
hello! i came across your page just now. actually, i never expected to find a "can't buy me love!" page and i really enjoyed going through it. i saw the movie ages ago and i like it a lot (obviously, i wouldn't browse through this page if i didn't care about the film). basically, i think any form of romance gets to me. and since, i, too, love looking up at the stars at night, that scene from the movie is one of my favorites. anyway, i just wanted to let you know that i enjoyed going through your webpage. thanks i appreciate the trip down "can't buy me love!" memory lane. :-)

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