Cindy's Poem

"...someday my wish is for him to hold me in his arms,
in a sea of deep blue, together at last, together us

"He went from totally geek - to totally chic!"Patty

"It's the African Ant-Eater Ritual!!!!" Ronny Miller's mutant friends

"What's his name, Biff?"
"Don't give me that! His name happens to be .... Brent" "Donald" and Cindy at the parking lot.

"Iris? She has given more rides than Greyhound!" Cindy to Ronald about his conquests

"You can do anything you want, anything you put your heart and mind into!" Ronald to Cindy, cleaning her car

"Whatever happens to your popularity - stay yourself, don't change to please others" Cindy to Ronald, after they break up

"Quinton is in. Let the fun begin" Quint walking into the New Year's party.

"Who could beat a night of cards, chips, dips and dorks?" Chucky about Ronald's card nights

"You ignored the Donald Miller geek for seventeen years, now you want to ride the Ronnie Miller express!"

"Think you can handle a brew?"
"Sure, got an A&W?"
"No, you're a funny guy, though."
Ronald & Big John

"For instance, I travel with my own wine...You never know what quality you could encounter at a soiree."
"Very classy."
"I'm into class...It's my new thing."
Quint & Fran

"Here is the primate example. You raise a doll-chopping homicidal maniac, and what do you do every time you see him? You give him money. Great."
"Shut up, Chuck!"
"I was talking to Ma!"
"Shut up, Chuck!"
Dinner conversation at the Millers on report card day

"You nuked my brother."
"Chucky Miller, right? I see he has resorted to sending his messenger boy."
"I see no boy here."
Cindy & Chucky

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