Summary for those strange people who don't know what this movie is all about

Patrick Dempsey plays a nerdish Tucson high schooler (Ronald Miller) who longs for a memorable senior year. He and his nerdish friends, including the freckled Gains, have spent their high school years watching football games from the visiting bleachers and passed Saturday nights drinking root beer and playing cards.

A summer of mowing lawns has earned Ronald $1,500 which he plans to use to purchase a telescope, though what he most longs for is Cindy Mancini (Amanda Peterson), the unattainable blonde beauty who lives next door and also happens to be the queen of the "cool" kids. Cindy doesn't even know Ronald exists until she ruins the suede outfit her mother had forbidden her to borrow. Ronald is present at the mall when she tries unsuccessfully to exchange the ruined suit. Thinking quickly, he offers Cindy a deal: he'll give her $1,000, the price of the outfit, if she will be seen with him for one month. Reluctantly, Cindy agrees.

On the first day of classes, she meets Ronald and works a little fashion magic. With the sleeves ripped from his shirt, his glasses off, and his hair moussed, Ronald Miller is suddenly in fashion. Each day his confidence grows and his sartorial splendor increases. Before long, he is greeting jocks in the hallways with high fives. In the meantime, Ronald and Cindy have grown close. Cindy even shows Ronald some of her private poetry. One night, Ronald takes her to his special place, an airplane "graveyard," where the two do some telescopic moon watching from a helicopter. Cindy is falling in love with Ronald, but, unaware of this, he is falling in love with being popular. The end of the month arrives and Ronald and Cindy stage a dramatic breakup. Having dumped the campus queen, Ronald Miller is suddenly The heartbreaker, chased after by "cool" cuties. In the process, he not only ignores Kenneth and his old friends, but also Cindy. Hurt by him and disgusted, she begins dating a local college boy. Before going to a dance, Ronald, a non-dancer, nervously tries to get down a few steps by watching "American Bandstand." Unknown to him, he has been watching a PBS presentation on African culture, but his gyrations are an instant sensation at the dance. Ronald accompanies jocks Big John and Ricky on some Halloween mischief, finding the target is Kenneth's house. Kenneth waits for the inevitable assault, in which Ronald reluctantly participates. Ronald is then trapped in a net, but when Kenneth sees the assailant is his old friend, he lets him go.

At a New Year's Eve party, Cindy stumbles onto Ronald as he makes love to Iris while quoting lines from Cindy's poetry. Later that evening, a drunk Cindy reveals to all Ronald's plot to gain popularity. Ronald becomes an instant pariah, spurned by cool kids and nerds alike. One lunch hour, Kenneth sits at a table full of "cool" girls, helping one of them with her school work. One of the jocks (Quint) confronts him, telling him to leave, that he isn't going to pull another "Ronald Miller trick". Ronald, who has been sitting alone and has nothing to lose, comes to his defense, wielding a baseball bat and explaining that Kenneth is simply trying to make friends. He leaves, Kenneth and Quint shake hands, and the onlookers applaud. In the film's finale, Cindy, who is ready to accept the "real" Ronald's testament of love, appears and rides off into the picturesque Arizona sunset with him on his lawn mower.

Please read what George had to say about the movie. I'm sure you wont regret it!

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