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Original by Peter Brodt
Files transplanted and
updated by Brian Nern
March 1, 1998.
Last Updated:
June 25, 2000

Can't Buy Me Love! Logo Ronald and Cindy

Welcome to my pages dedicated to the movie "Can't Buy Me Love!"

Opening by Peter Brodt:
Just to erase any trace of doubt, I LOVE THIS MOVIE! I like when Ronald gets his sleeves ripped off. I love the scene in Cindy's car where she realizes that she has fallen in love with Ronald. I think Ronald's dance is the most funky thing around, and tears run from my eyes each time Ronald and Cindy ride off into the sunset. That's why I made these pages and why I like hearing from other people around the world who also adore it.
A lot of you have written me already and I'm truly amazed by the dedication of all you lovers of romance out there.

Addendum by Brian Nern:
I found this page after doing a seach for the film on March 1, 1998 after watching it this morning on HBO. Peter Brodt started this page. Unfortunately, Peter was forced to disconnect from the Internet. I wanted to ensure that CBML would always have a place on the WWW, so I gave it a new home on my site. I will try to keep the page updated with any new information which becomes available. Thanks for stopping by. Hope you enjoy.

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