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Cow Dance

Hamster Dance

Apple Computer

Mac Ware Review: reviews of Apple Macintosh software

Four11 White Pages - Register your e-mail address here or look up a friend by searching by name, hobbies, schools, etc.

Switchboard - Directory of phone numbers and addresses in the US with search function. In my experience the information seems to be about a year behind. Go ahead- find an old friend.

The Internet Accessible Machines site will provide hours of entertainment.

Internet Greeting Card - Design your own greeting card on the WWW. They will send e-mail to notify the recipient. Free!!

Keeping an eye on the world (wide web): Internet Cameras

Eye of the WWW

Peeping Tom Page

WeatherNet's List of WeatherCams



Alta Vista search engine

Excite: Concept-based browser.

Global Network Navigator: Web Catalog.

Infoseek: WWW, Gopher, FTP, & Usenet search

Lycos: The Catalog of the Internet.

Open Market's Commercial Sites Index

Submit It Submit your Website to 15-20 web directories at once.

Useless Web Sites - Plenty of useless ways to waste your time.

Wandex - Web Catalog. Search by content analysis.

Webcrawler - WWW Search Utility.

World Wide Web Worm - Web Catalog.

WhoWhere?: Internet White Pages

The World Wide Yellow Pages

Yahoo! - Web Catalog.

I do not assume any responsibility for and have no control over any information available or any opinions expressed through the pages which have links here. I provide the links only as a service to you. Some sights may not be suitable for children.

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Apple Computer