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Spayn Khin DeMonkey's Late Night Extravaganza

You've found the jungle webhome of Spayn Khin DeMonkey. He lives somewhere in Fairfax, Virginia and emerges on certain nights for reasons which no one understands. One thing is for certain though... When you're with Spayn Khin you're havin a damn good time!

Here's what we know so far...

Spayn Khin lives in the jungles err.. woods of Fairfax County Virginia and works at a secret military installation located in the hills of Winchester somewhere. Occasionally, Spayn Khin and his gang of misfits take over the TV.

Search your TVs on friday nights. He emerges when the time is right. He only appears on Channel 10 on Media General Cable of Fairfax and Jones Cable of Reston once or twice a month. The shows start between 12midnight and 12:05am and last until 2 or 3 AM.

  • Photos From The Show - Coming Soon!
  • Brian's World - A fun place to hang out.
  • Monkey Business - Links to lots of monkey related sites. Coming Soon!

    A brief interview: 20 Questions with Spayn Khin

  • Do you have any hobbies? tree jumping, tree climbing, jungle music, bad movies, computers, video games
  • Do you play any sports? tree jumping and tree climbing
  • Favorite music? Bananarama or jungle - whichever.
  • Favorite TV shows? The Banana Splits, Tarzan, and Lancelot Link: Secret CHIMP.
  • Favorite movies? Planet Of The Apes, Return To The Planet Of The Apes, Monkey Trouble, and of course King Kong.
  • Gaming system of choice? Sony Playstation and Apple Macintosh
  • Favorite Video Game? Donkey Kong and Donkey Kong Jr.
  • Computer of choice? "Apple Macintosh!!! (Windows 95 sucks and causes depletion of the valuable rain forests!)"
  • Favorite color? "Yellow, like my bananas."
  • Favorite animals? "The ones that stay out of my trees!"
  • What was the last book you read? "101 Banana Recipes"
  • Least favorite fast food restuarant? "Abeeb's. They serve chilled monkey brains. The sick bastards!"
  • Do you wear sweaters? "In the jungle? Have you gone ape?"
  • Do you like "Baywatch"? "No! But I LOVE the babes! hahaha"
  • Favorite childrens book or story? "Curious George. Ya gotta love that damn monkey!"
  • Favorite cartoon? "Space Ghost. He had that monkey with the cool invisi-belt."
  • Would you rather live on a boat, a plane, or in a motor home? "In a tree you retard! I'm a frickin' monkey!"
  • Favorite sandwich? "Peanut butter and banana on white bread- no crust!"
  • Favorite milkshake flavor? "Banana. Hey-- Are you beginning to notice a pattern here with the bananas pal?"
  • Favorite STAR WARS character? Boba Fett.

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