Choose the correct answer for each of the following questions. All questions are based on the film ET.

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1 What game were the boys playing at the beginning of the film?
2 ET was directed by...
3 "ET" stands for...
4 What did Elliot use on his bicycle for a basket?
5 What does Elliot do to get sent home from school?
6 Where did ET get the idea for a transmitter?
7 What kind of car does the pizza delivery boy drive?
8 What kind of peanut butter does the family use?
9 What is the sister's name?
10 What color does ET turn when he gets sick?
11 What do the scientists call ET?
12 What was the dog's name?
13 What country is the father in?
14 Elliot's sister is played by...
15 What is ET's favorite candy?
16 What was Elliot's costume for Halloween?
17 What kind of car did the family own?
18 What brand beer do Elliot and ET get drunk on?
19 This movie was given a rating of ______ by the MPAA
20 What year was this film released?

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Questions/Quiz developed by Brian Nern and Nicola Scott.

2000 Brian Nern

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