BRiaN'S WoRLD Pretty In Pink Quiz

Choose the correct answer for each of the following questions. All questions are based on the film PRETTY IN PINK.

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1 Pretty In Pink was written by...
2 Pretty In Pink was directed by...
3 Pretty In Pink was produced by...
4 Molly Ringwald's character's name was...
5 What is Jon Cryer's character's real name?
6 What is Jon Cryer's character's nickname?
7 What band/artist performed the title track to the film?
8 What was the name of the record store that Andie worked in?
9 Who played Andie's co-worker?
10 What was the name of the guy Andie fell in love with?
11 What kind of car did Andie drive?
12 What was Andie's dad's name?
13 Blaine was played by...
14 Andie's Dad was played by...
15 What kind of car did Duckie drive?
16 Who was the doorman at the club where Andie would go with her friend?
17 What kind of car did Blaine drive?
18 Who was Duckie in love with?
19 This movie was given a rating of ______ by the MPAA
20 What year was this film released?

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Questions/Quiz developed by Brian Nern.

1998-2003 Brian Nern

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