RadioActive is a great mix of both eighties and nineties rock on the internet.


RadioActive is currently on hiatis. The program is being overhauled and should appear sometime in July on a weekday afternoon. Stay tuned for more info soon.


RadioActive is available on WEBR 94.5 FM in Fairfax, VA. You can hear RadioActive and WEBR via a few different ways.
  • RealAudio - WEBR webcasts via RealAudio. Just visit their website at to download the player or listen.
  • Cable FM - If you live in Fairfax County, VA and have Media General Cable with the FM service hooked up just tune to 94.5 FM.
  • Simulcast - If you live in Fairfax County and have Media General Cable you can turn to channel 37 and listen. If you have Jones Cable of Reston you can tune to channel 27.


    Damn straight! RadioActive is always glad to get feedback and requests from listeners. If you want to send comments or a request to us then all you gotta do is send me a quick note to We'll play your request during the next show.


    RadioActive plays just about everything from the eighties and alternative rock from the nineties. It's just good music. We love it all!! Take a look at our past show's playlists. They're wicked cool! Here's just a few of the great artists of the 80s that you could (and probably will) hear on RadioActive.
    Duran Duran | Catherine Wheel | ZZ Top | Wes Cunningham | A Flock Of Seagulls | Chris Issak | Peter Gabriel | Soul Coughing | Madness | Duncan Sheik | Split Enz | Helium | T'Pau | The Pixies | Howard Jones | Nick Heyward | Thompson Twins | Remy Zero | XTC | Lisa Hall | Frankie Goes To Hollywood | Jawbox | Radiohead | Japan | VAST | Squeeze | Jason Faulkner | The Go-Gos | OMD | Nik Kershaw | Quiet Riot | The Cure | David Bowie | The Boomtown Rats | ABC | Phil Collins | Oingo Boingo | Depeche Mode | Heaven 17 | INXS | The Human League | Men At Work | Kraftwerk | New Order | Kim Wilde | M
    And Many Many More!!!


    RadioActive tries to make the show even more fun by including a few of these segments into every show...
  • Remix Of The Week - This is where we pick out a remix or extended version of your favorite hits from the 80s and play it.
  • Cover Song Of The Week - Take a great 80s song and let a 90s artist redo it. Hmmmm... Interesting.
  • Listener E-mail - We read e-mail we get on the show and try to answer your questions about 80s movies, music, or whatever.
  • Giveaways! - Whenever possible we try to give away CDs or maybe a toy or other item.
  • Film-o-rama - Sometimes we may strike up a conversation about a particular 80s movie/movies. We always welcome you to join in on the conversation live via e-mail or phone.
  • Where Are They Now? - We try to fill you in on what happened to some of those 80s bands and actors/actresses.


    Join the RadioActive e-mail list. You'll get updates each week on what's coming up on the show that week. Plus you'll get some 80s related news too! Don't worry! We're a happy bunch and we promise not to give your e-mail address to anyone else under any circustances! We hate junk mail too!

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